Our company has a number of leading enterprises of the industry in Dongtai, Haian, Wuxi, etc., which involve cocoon collection and drying, silk reeling, silk processing, silk weaving, etc. Equipped with cutting-edge professional production equipment and technology, we are now just capable of producing excellent cocoon of 100,000 loads every year, white steam filature yarn, twisted silk, and barreled silk of various specifications of 1600 tons and silk fabric of 500,000 meters every year. So far “SOHO”, “Fu’an”, “Golden Deer” and other brands of mulberry silk and twisted silk have become high-end products that enjoy a ready market in Europe, America and Japan.

Ready-made clothes are one item among the main line of our export business. In order to upgrade our exports of ready-made clothes, our company has set up production and processing bases for textile clothing in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shandong, etc. Furthermore, we also set up an office in Cambodia to strengthen our production efforts abroad, so that we can cope better with the soaring labor cost in China.