Jiangsu SOHO Silk&Textile Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu SOHO Silk&Textile Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Jiangsu SOHO International Group Corp. We have four business departments which engage in raw silk, textile fabrics, garment operation and acting as agent for import, involving around 100 types of products in dozens of categories, such as filature silk, twisted silk, doupion silk, spun silk, gossamer, silk sliver (silk tops), bourette, silk floss (silk wadding yarn), scarf, silk wadding quilt, textile fabric and garment.

Some our main products such as the “Golden Deer”, “Cedar” and “SOHO” filature silk, “SPCC” spun silk, “Feiyan” gossamer and silk sliver (silk tops) and so forth enjoy good fame in the international silk market and are winning the good graces of customers. Presently these products enjoy a ready sale in the US, Europe, Japan, India, Pakistan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

We are one of the leading Chinese enterprises that engage in the international trade of silk products. In the past four decades of business operation, our overseas customers are all over the world. We have also put into place in China a complete supply system for all the links of the silk industrial chain, with production and purchase network throughout all the main producing areas.

Looking to the future, we shall adhere to the principles of good faith, customer foremost, observing contract and keeping promise to devote ourselves to the production, operation and research and development of silk products, which are aimed at achieving mutual benefit and common development with all our customers, carrying forward the silk industry to beautify our lives and enhancing our friendship to all parts of the world.

Company address: Room 402 Building A, No. 48 Software Avenue, Nanjing