Jiangsu Silk Industrial Co., Ltd.

With a registered capital of RMB 100 million, Jiangsu Silk Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in December 2009 upon approval by the provincial government and official business registration. Our company’s business operation extends to cover production and sale of cocoon, silk, silk fabric and garment, sale of biological materials and medical devices (grade I), self-running and acting as agent for import and export of commodities and technologies and industrial investment. Presently we have investment holding and joint stock in 8 companies.

Carrying forward the time-honored and well-known brand of Jiangsu silk, we have committed ourselves to creating quality silk, characteristic new products and high-tech products by centering on the industrial chain of cocoon silk, so that we can base on silk to upgrade and even surpass silk. The focus of our task is to transform the traditional industry into products employing high technology and with high added-value and to lay more stress on technological innovation so as to increase the technological content of our silk. Up to now, our company has entered into close strategic partnerships with over ten research institutions, colleges and universities of China for the purpose of developing innovative products and realizing the commercialization of research findings. A number of technological achievements such as fibroin-based artificial skin program, polypeptide drug program, Sino-Japan silkworm variety improvement program and fluorescence-judged male silk program have been or being put into market operation and achieved important breakthroughs.

First, Jiangsu Silk will emphasize highlighting the features of the cocoon silk industry and make more investment in the research and development of silk-based products and derivative products. Second, we shall emphasize highlighting the technological content or original features of products to turn Jiangsu Silk into a high-tech-based industrial enterprise gradually. Third, we shall emphasize highlighting the corporate innovative features by giving top priority to system innovation, management innovation and operation model innovation, etc. In the meantime, based on the characteristics of the cocoon silk industry, our company shall be guided by the glorious mission of benefiting the silkworm raisers, carrying forward the ancient silk culture and performing our social responsibility with a view to exploring a new “silk road” characteristic of Jiangsu.

Company address: Room 412 Building A No. 48 Software Avenue, Nanjing