Jiangsu Fu’an Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu fuan cocoon & silk stock limited company is the key main national enterprise in agricultural industry recognized by Ministry of Agriculture and other nine ministries and commissions jointly. It is also one of the 30 key backbone main enterprises in Jiangsu Province , located at national spark technology district, fuan town, dongtai city, which is called “the Capital of Chinese Cocoon”.

The company presently connects 60,000 Chinese acres mulberry orchards base with high quality and output, 200,000 silkworms raisers, 1 silkworm raising technical service center, 8 cocoons silks processing enterprises. The annual production of high quality silkworm cocoon is130, 000 piculs, the white steam filament 1,000 tons, twisted filament 300 tons, real silk lining 3 million meters, pure silk clothing 200,000 pieces. Among them, the silkworm cocoon output, the quality row national vanguard in the same profession, the average rank of white steam filament reaches above 5A60, the proportion of 6A level high-grade raw silk accounts for 60%, our company becomes the national maximal high quality and high-grade raw silk product--export enterprise, the product are exported to Japan, Europe, America and other countries and areas. The "fuan" brand mulberry silk obtains the honor of "the China famous brand goods". The company is certified by the ISO9001 quality system and the ISO14001 environment management system, credited rank AAA level. In 2001, the company by the commendation is "95" the period "the Jiangsu Province advanced rural enterprise", and is named as "the Jiangsu Province cultured and civilized work unit", in 2002 by national Ministry of Agriculture and so on nine ministries and commissions was recognized jointly for the agricultural industrial production country key main item enterprise, in 2004 also is "the Jiangsu Province 30 key backbones main enterprise" and "the radiation leads by the determination 20 strong

main enterprises".

In recent years, the company fully displayed own superiority, adroitly guided action according to circumstances carries on the agriculture industrial structure adjustment, guided the farmer to plant the mulberry to raise silkworms, has established the national first sericulturist cooperative society, combined to form the benefit community with the sericulturist; Develops the cocoon silk processing industry vigorously, implements reeling technological transformation expanding energy successively, on is new twists the filament line, the real silk weaves with project and so on pure silk service, causes the silk reeling, to twist the filament line production scale, the technical level and the product quality row nation same profession vanguard, formed has become rich a side common people's cocoon silk pillar industry, developed by the reputation is "the phuyen pattern" "company + sericulturist cooperative society + farmer" road of the cocoon silk industrial production development, obtained the central committee, the province, the city leader and the concerned expert's full affirmation, former State Council Vice-Premier Jiang Chunyun once arrived personally the company to inspect, State Council Premier Wen Jiabao once has made the important written comment to this company.

From now on, the company further will seek the enterprise movement mechanism, the management system and the benefit mechanism new breakthrough, the advancement cocoon silk industrial production to the depth development, in the existing national best cocoon fiber production base foundation, will establish the Chinese best cocoon silk production base, will argue vigorously in 2010 the company to realize the sale to receive 1 billion Yuan, the profits and taxes 100 million Yuan, will cast diligently on the national cocoon silk profession "the young giant"! cocoon silk industrial production management procedure.

Your trust, our cooperation, “FuAn” cocoon silk expects to cooperate with you in the new century, set up resplendence together.