Jiangsu SOHO Silk Worms Eggs Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is a Changzhou high-tech agricultural enterprise, which is an important carrier of Soho Group to create a cocoon silk industry chain important basic engineering and corporate social responsibility commitment cocoon silk industry.As the best natural environment silkworm egg production base and silkworm breeds conservation management specified in Jiangsu Province, the company is the silk culture education training base and external display window of Soho Group.In addition, Jiangsu Province "quality characteristics of silkworm germplasm bank", Sericulture Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences "silkworm varieties pilot demonstration base", Sericulture Institute of Suzhou University "male silkworm breeding bases", Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry School enterprise cooperation internship base, Jiangsu Province postdoctoral innovation Base were successively settled in this silkworm production base.

Company address:Hujia mountain,Shangxing town,Liyang city

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Contact: Liu Qi

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