Jiangsu SOHO Royal Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu SOHO Royal Co., Ltd. was established in 1979, is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Province Soho Holding Group Co., Ltd., with registered capital 352,800,000 yuan, net assets of more than 2 billion yuan, with total assets of nearly 50 billion yuan.

Jiangsu Soho Soho still Commodities Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of International Group, the main business scope to develop and expand the domestic market, the promotion of business Soho International Group, which owns the "Soho royal" and "Merefa" and other independent brands, Soho royal high-grade silk garments and silk upscale household goods series, the main face of fashion and taste of the high consumer groups, products cover high-end silk fashion, high-end home silk garments, silk apparel goods, handicrafts, silk bed sleep series. The company has a strong R & D capabilities, and experience of cooperation of foreign brands. Soho Royal has a professional design team and plate-making team, the company has been serving the high-end consumer groups, has established long-term cooperative relations gift buy silk.

The company has Soho royal silk products is your attitude toward the pursuit of a better life, fine, but also your perfect combination of fashion trends.

SOHO ROYAL famous door-grade choice

Soho Royal Jiangsu Soho International Group Inc. 's international brands, exclusive license Jiangsu Soho still Commodities Limited.

Soho Royal senior silk and silk home life fashion brand, three years of dedicated design and manufacture of silk products, temperament fashion, quality classic.

Soho Royal family of products: high-end silk fashion series

        Fashion silk tracksuit series.

        Four Seasons silk underwear.

        Classic silk bedding series.

        Green silk SPA bathroom series.

        Senior silk jewelry series.

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Jiangsu Soho still Commodities Limited


Address: China Nanjing Software Avenue, Block 314, No. 48 Soho International Plaza A.

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Company web site:http://www.soho-royal.cn