company profile

Jiangsu SOHO International Group Corp., formerly known as China Silk Import & Export Corporation, Jiangsu Branch, was founded in 1979 as a holding subsidiary of Jiangsu SOHO Holdings Group Co., Ltd., a provincial State-owned business. Presently our company is one of the largest Chinese companies that engage in the business of silk import and export. Up to now, our sales network is available across the world, allowing us to have established business connections with more than 100 countries and regions of the world.

The rapid economic development of the new century not only enables our company to prosper our import and export business, but also allows our business operation to expand to such fields as domestic trade, industrial manufacturing, brand management and equity investment, which contribute to an ideal and diversified operation pattern. Our main business involves silk commodities, textile fabrics, garments, home textiles, and other light industry-specific commodities, ships, electromechanical products, machinery, and source products such as chemical products and coal. In terms of industrial investment, we have set up bases for mulberry planting and breeding, production bases for cocoon, silk and silk fabric as well as garment processing enterprises and manufacturers involving silk protein biological technology and polypeptide drugs. As for brand expansion, we work under the marketing model of developing and operating our self-owned brands in China. With regard to equity investment, we are mainly involved in finance and insurance, securities and futures and high-tech sector, etc.